Kids Yoga

The importance of introducing kids to yoga simply can’t be over-stated.

Children today live in a busy and complex world. Whilst they have the advantage of living in a generally safe and prosperous society, with this comes a range of new issues which can weigh heavily on small minds.

We hear words like propreoceptive and sensory and spectrum and anxiety…
We want the best for our children; To be socially and academically adept; To be dexterous both physically and mentally. It can be very stressful for parents too!

Kids’ Yoga is not about creating zenned out little yogis who can drop a downward dog or sun salutation with world-class precision.

Kids’ Yoga focuses on building strong confident bodies and minds through fun shared experience and active play.

Of course as children get older, the more technical aspects of yoga practice will become more relevant to them, but especially for younger kids, we believe that their only concern should be to play and to learn about friendship and kindness.

In a world of noise and hustle, it is a blessing to hold the ability to sit contentedly within one’s self and the world around us. At PRAIA we believe this is one of the most important things we can teach our children.

See our Facebook page for videos of Kids’ Yoga.

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