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PRAIA inspires individuals to be calm, confident and content in their own skin.

Praia has been around for quite a while now; albeit quiet for the last few years.

We have always wanted to inspire wellness and personal strength. That hasn’t changed, but we understand that things are different now. It’s time for a new beginning. It really is a new world we live in now. It is more important than ever to make sure we stay engaged with our friends, family and community. We want to help.


Not another wellness blog?!

No way! We promise! This is not just another wellness blog!

We know you’re smart. You know how to be well. But – We also understand that wellness can be hard in today’s world. It takes real motivation to dedicate time to staying truly well!

So many temptations!
So many responsibilities!
So many usernames and passwords to remember!!!

Our heads are full. So, we are not here to fill yours with any more advice!

So what’s your thing?

We believe that everything feels better when you make time to:

1. Have fun
2. Be healthy
3. Be together

As bad as we are at it sometimes, we are social creatures. We function best together. We have more fun together. We need the support of others, from our first day until our last.

So what comes next?

We are simply here to inspire you. To inspire togetherness and leading a contented, confident and healthy life. Shared experience. Shared health. Shared Happiness.

And fun. It’s really just all about having fun, isn’t it 🙂

Let’s get started.

PRAIA yoga mats

PRAIA yoga mats are designed for both dry and hot-yoga practices with a surface that reacts to excess moisture to create greater surface grip. So the more you sweat, the better it gets!

Each mat is 100% hypo allergenic and biodegradable, and an added antibacterial layer ensures the mats remain hygienic and safe, no matter how much you use them.

PRAIA is committed to offering each and every one of you a beautiful platform to be inspired, stay healthy and live free.


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