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Wellness. What is it, exactly?

I did a medical questionnaire today. One of the questions was:

“How would you rate your health? Excellent? Very good? Fair? Not good? Poor?” I found it a hard question to answer.

My health is ok… I function just fine, but like everyone, I guess I have some issues. I could classify my health as excellent in some respects, but poor in others.

In the context of that particular questionnaire, I think I may have been confusing health with wellness. Health seems to relate more to things like, a broken bone, a headache or a virus. Wellness, however, covers a much broader spectrum of matters.

And wellness is so personal. Wellness to one person is not the same as wellness to another. Ultimately, it seems that wellness stems from a balanced, content lifestyle.

Here at Praia, it’s no secret that we believe yoga is the ideal tool for achieving wellness. Yoga helps us to find that sense of balance and peace associated with wellness. It gives us a space to quietly concentrate on ourselves, even if it’s only for a few minutes in our busy days.

So let’s talk about yoga.

What exactly is it? Breathing and stretching? Meditating? Relaxing? Moving in a way that makes your body and soul feel good? Yes. It is all of those things.


Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word for “union” or “unity”.

Yoga is a philosophy. Not a religion or a set of specific beliefs.

When I explain Yoga to kids, I say, “Yoga is about all the ways of moving and thinking, which make your body and your mind feel good.”

At Praia, we believe this simply means that yoga is a lifestyle; the practice of which aspires to a higher consciousness or awareness and positivity of thought.

We also love yoga’s foundations in the concept of “unity”. We believe that we all function best when we have a supportive group of family, friends and community in our lives.

A yoga lifestyle is about maintaining an attitude that guides positive behaviour.

A yoga lifestyle is based upon non-violence, peace and acceptance.

Some interpret this as extending to veganism and daily meditation. Others don’t take this broad approach to the practice of yoga. That’s fine too.

Everyone must walk the path that works best for them.

Be gentle.
Change what you can.
Accept what you can’t.
And never stop playing with your family and friends (and animals) 🙂


PRAIA yoga mats

PRAIA yoga mats are designed for both dry and hot-yoga practices with a surface that reacts to excess moisture to create greater surface grip. So the more you sweat, the better it gets!

Each mat is 100% hypo allergenic and biodegradable, and an added antibacterial layer ensures the mats remain hygienic and safe, no matter how much you use them.

PRAIA is committed to offering each and every one of you a beautiful platform to be inspired, stay healthy and live free.


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